2009  RG Guide System

The world can be changed only by a complete novel idea.

RG guide system is a specialized guide setting for PE line which brings out the full potential of spinning tackle. 

As a common idea, “a butt guide has to be big for spinning rod”,

but we found out a butt guide with a small guide ring like a top guide and high foot frame will increase its performance.

However, such unique guide that we thought of was not existed, so we decided to produce an ideal guide by our own. 

Moreover, we equipped more than double number of guides on one rod, then it also raised its potential higher. 

Anglers who saw the rod with RG guide system for the first time, was mentioning

“casting distance will be definitely decreased with this kind of guide setting”.

However, RG started being highly reputed and popular all the odds, once anglers actually use it.

The many advantages which were born with RG guide system changed a common conception of guide setting hugely.


Источник: zenaq.com

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